Timeline of Modern Cars

The modern car becomes more efficient for multi-purposes and makes the passenger or a driver to operate the car in such an easy way. There are types of cars who are competing in todays market.

Types of Cars

Generic black hatchback car

Hatchback- a car has a body style that the rear door can swing or move upward which it provides a space for a cargo area. Has a two row seating fold down sit in the front, the interior design is prioritized for the passengers than cargo volume.

Sedan- a car with three box configuration, 3 pillars, and 4 doors and the 3 boxes is purposely design for the Cargo, Passenger and Engine.

Sports utility vehicle- a luxury car has a big body style with four-wheel drive; advantage can deal with the difficult road capacity.


The end of 20th century; several car competitions appeared and awarded the best car of the year. Places where the major event held for the cars such as North America, Japan, and Europe. Car has a brand name nowadays. That’s why car business is one of the very wide competitions in the world.


Here is the most common Brand name of the cars with the year when it’s started.

  • 1996 until present– Toyota Corolla from Japan is a sedan car and the product from Toyota. Become worldwide best-selling car in 1974 and a popular nameplate in the world. The Corolla title name is from the Toyota Crown a tradition for sedan cars.
  • 1966 until 1992– Oldsmobile Toronado invented the airbag and electronic anti-lock braking system. It is the first new modern front wheel American car. Anti-lock braking system it’s an automobile system for safety that help the wheels to maintain the pulling contact with the road platform it depends from the driver inputs. While braking is created for prevent the wheels from ceasing rotation in locking up and avoiding the unexpected control skidding.
  • 1973 until present– Mercedes- Benz S-Class- Seat belt invented the traction control electronic system. A system for the stability control for vehicle and it was created for the purposes in preventing the loss of traction in driven a road wheels.
  • 1975 until present– BMW 3 series been part of the annual Top ten best list for seventeen times.
  • 1977 until present- The Honda Accord a japanese sedan car became trend in the USA
  • 1998 until present– Ford Focus the best selling hatchbacks worldwide.
  • 2008 until present– Tata Nano very expensive city car that accommodate four passengers that primarily purposes for a domestic market in Indian.
  • 2009 until presents– Mitsubishi – an electric car was displayed in Japan on July 2005 for the fleet customer while in April 2010 it was displayed for the retail customer. The first production for capable high-way series.
  • 2012 until present– Tesla Model S one of the plug-in electric automobile world top best selling lately from 2015.

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